Le Dernier Restaurant

The Concept

“Le Dernier Restaurant” is an itinerant restaurant with many different souls, a project involving food and entertainement that is conceived in accordance with the location and the client’s needs:

  • It is a chromatic-sensory performance for museums, art galleries, private homes.
  • It is a chromatic-sensory dinner with or without artistic interventions.
  • It is an exclusive lunch or dinner “ at your place”.
  • It is a catering lab, where we create menus for our clients.
  • It is a tour operator offering one-of-a-kind events specifically tailored for businesses and private clients with programs that can be art-centered or specifically focused around sensory experience and food.
  • It is a social happening where we organize team-building, where a cooking session can be paired with a lunch or dinner event to taste what was prepared in the kitchen.
  • It is an original idea for theme parties with convivial interventions by Italian and foreign artists.
  • Live art show food-à-porter
  • Afrodisiac and flower menu
  • Personal chef
  • Afternoon tea time
  • Take away and pic-nic boxes
  • Personal love-chef for couples: emotional chromotherapy treatment and/or bioenergetic massage available on demand (by reservation only)
  • Classes for lovers



Contemporary Food Observatory

“Food is the medium of contact, the hybrid territory of art seen as play and game in life. It is an aptitude for flux, a way to stand inside life.” These words by Rirkrit Tiravanija explain to us that “happenings” were already a fashonable trend in art salons since the Sixties.

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Colors on the Table

Everything in the universal energy key has a specific color and a vibration: things, emotions, thoughts, moods, sounds. Color is vibration, and absorbing a combination of five colors through our food is absolutely therapeutic, stimulating and healthy.

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