grazia su prato

For over fifteen years Grazia De Palma has been a contemporary art curator and a curious researcher of new trends in the culinary field, with a great passion for chromo-sensory cooking. Her culinary code resists fast foods and tout court preparations.

To her,  speaking about food and good eats is equal to narrating an energetic and almost sciamanic experience. Accordingly, she is used to shopping and cooking food as if preparing a magical ritual. Her last restaurant (Le Dernier Restaurant) is a “symposium” that sees her and her commensals conversing around the food that she prepares with her hands. They narrate and exchange ideas, learning in a few gestures how to recognise one’s own body as a temple of accumulation and release of the vibrations that food, with its range of colors, can transmit. At the end of a long itinerary of contemporary art shows inspired by the union between creativity and gastronomy (“Il Cuoco, l’artista, l’architetto e il suo curatore”, dedicated to the great director Peter Greenaway, and the food à porter event “Le Dernier Restaurant”) she has finally decided to materialize her last restaurant: an itinerant and refined place for exclusive dinners that are dedicated to chakra harmonization through food.

A wine taster with great passion and experience in the culinary field, after numerous trips and in-depth studies in the world of gastronomy Grazia has realized her project of personalized dinners in the role of chakra chef at restaurants and private locations.

A wellness operator, within the field of holistic medicine she is a Reiki Master and she pratices healing energy treatments through bioenergetic, chrystal therapy and chromotherapy, with a sciamanic approach.