Colors on the Table

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Le Dernier Restaurant is a vibrational and culinary journey through chromo-therapy, a therapeutic approach that uses the various colors in order to allow their "vibrations" to penetrate the body at various levels of depth, producing biochemical changes in our cells and our blood.

White food purifies, refines and elevates our vibration. It caretakes and nourishes.

Violet food opens us to change and transforms us.

Blue food helps us to turn towards the spirit.

Green foods heal us and sustain us, beside activating our own self-healing energies.

Yellow foods strengthen us, reinvigorate us, and recharge our energetic system.

Orange food gives us vitality and joy.

Red food gives us energy and rekindles the earthy fire within us.

Brown food connects us with earth, providing heat and stability to our organism.

1 chakra RED: Watermelon, azuki beans, beef and red meat in general, red cabbage, cherries, red onion, strawberry tree fruits, shrimp, red beans, liver, strawberries, red apples, pomegranates, red pepper, chili pepper, tomato, bresaola, prosciutto, red radicchio, radishes, briar rose fruit, red ribes, sausages, red plums.

2 chakra ORANGE: Oranges, lotus fruits, carrots, orange caviar, clementines, orange lentils, tangerines, mango, melon, medlar, paprika, peach, salmon, shallot, salmon trout, egg yolk, safran, pumpkin.

3 chakra YELLOW: Ananas, apricots, banana, papaya, butter, camomile, chick peas, cedar, cereals, quince, pumpkin flowers, lemon, corn, gold apple, honey, oil, potato, yellow pepper, yellow pears, yellow peach, grapefruit, mustard, yellow plums, tea.

4 chakra PINK: Pink grapefruit, tuna, crab.

4 chakra GREEN: Asparagus, avocado, green azuki, pods, basil, chard, capers, artichoke, thistle, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, chinese cabbage, turnip, cedar, cucumber, greens, string beans, figs, kiwi, lettuce, green apple, green olives, lemon balm, nettle, green pepper corn, green pepper, herbs (thyme, laurel, rosemary, sage, origano…), peas, pistachios, leeks, parsley, spinach, green tea, light grapes, soncino, zucchini, seaweed…

5 chakra BLUE: Plums, borage, blue fish, chickory flowers, forget-me-not, rosemary flowers, cardoon, sloe, food coloring.

6 chakra INDIGO: Caviar, raspberries, blueberries, liquorice, black cabbage, blue cheese, violets, fish, black ribes, black truffle, broccoli, cornflower, juniper, wild rice…

7 chakra VIOLET: Dark figs, beets, eggplant, purple artichoke, "cavolo broccolo calabrese", blackberries, "taggiasche" olives, black cherries, candied violets, lavender, dark plum.

Bacchus list

1° chakra: red wines, in accordance with the chakra's color, and as full-bodied as possible. <p >2° chakra: sparkling wine and champagne because they are tied to emotions and sensuality.

3° chakra: dry white wines for their color, and as sharp as power is.

4° chakra: fruity white wines or dessert wines, they sweeten and open the heart.

5° chakra: all the wines.

6° e 7° chakra: hard drinks, distilled drinks, liquors, because of their high concentration of … spirit.