Contemporary Food Observatory

“Food is the medium of contact, the hybrid territory of art seen as play and game in life. It is an aptitude for flux, a way to stand inside life.” These words by Rirkrit Tiravanija explain to us that “happenings” were already a fashonable trend in art salons since the Sixties.

The moment in which the static conception of artistic production fell apart was also the moment when everyday life invaded the work of art and art mixed itself with life.


If space and time are not static concepts, then a work of art is not something external, and one has to enter it in order to really understand what is inside, one must traverse it, feed off of it. If time is ART, food is ART: all of the seven senses are invited to take their place at this table of moving energies. Solid, liquid, hot, cold, gaseous, parfumed, aromatic, soft, crunchy, sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy, in order to narrate the seven senses: hearing, taste, smell, sight, intuition, foresight. Here at our Dernier Restaurant one does not only come to taste, but to have an experience. 


foto grazia mamma piccola


Le Dernier Restaurant is the itinerant idea of a luxurious dinner of the seven senses for a limited number of guests, tied to the concept of chromocooking, and to the harmonization of chakras through food. Conceived and organized by Grazia De Palma, Le Dernier Restaurant’s dinners are a sensory experience meant to feed the seven energetic centers - the chakras, located along the vertical and medial axis of the body - through dishes prepared with love and recipes from different corners of the world, with a particular attention to local and seasonal traditional products.


A menù by Le Dernier Restaurant is generally composed by five to seven courses of food served in chromatic sequence. The curator, chakra-chef, invites an artist to collaborate to the culinary happening of this kitchen confidential through various preparatory and performative actions.


For each event, the guest artist proposes a different creative intervention that is connected to one of the seven chakras, involving the dinner participants in a sensory experience that is pleasant and unexpected. The sense of play and the taste of the surprise element are ingredients that are always changing, just like the choice of dinner menus.


We heal ourselves by absorbing the nutrients from our food, but we also heal thanks to its colors. Every color is the expression of a vibration, of a level of consciousness: every chakra is paired with a color, a sound, an organ, a mantra. Chromatic vibration resets the frequency of the energy points, giving back new strength and balance to the organs. Every energetic center corresponds to a specific color. First chakra: red, second chakra: orange, third chakra: yellow, fourth chakra: green, fifth chakra: blue, sixth chakra: indigo, seventh chakra: violet,


By making a reservation, it is possible to receive a chromo-therapy balancing treatment during dinner.